Brand Philosophy

VerbiageTM is built around innovative and noble natural ingredients that are tested through time.

The Professional Serum Series are applied with exclusive techniques and each treatment is done in a time you take to drink a cup of tea and unlike some aggressive treatment, you can straight away go back to your normal lifestyle.

The Retail Homecare Series are developed with careful market needs in anti- ageing. Each product are carefully studied and researched to give the best possible results without any side effects.

VerbiageTM Clinicare Intensiv Solution comprises either homecare application or intensive treatment at your professional center for problematic skin conditions, like acne scarring, pigment lesion or to attain glowing porcelian skin.

Reduze is a truely noble clinical weight lost and inch loss product targetted at the leptin and adiponectin for an effective long term results. Studies have shown its effectiveness and people with diabetes, hyper tension and cardio conditions may find this a truely welcoming product to reduze fat and improve the underlying causes of the disease.