Retail Home Care Series

Verbiage Triple C Essence
The synergistic combination of 3 forms of Vitamin C and Bilberry extracts gives the skin an optimal serum for the improved protection against free radicals and the ageing process on daily application.

Numerous studies have shown the efficiencies of Vitamin C of lightening the skin and with a clever low dosage of AHA, this serum stimulates skin regeneration process at the same time.

Generally causes no irritation upon application.

Essence Tri Magic
Tri-Magic is a rapid adsorption formula. Active ingredients are attached through SMART amino chains for skin tissue and structural support for metabolism and healthy skin. Each active ingredients are delivered into the skin with liposome carriers and the lower pH increases cell enzymes, oxygen exchange, firming and radiant skin tone.


Verbiage HydraFx
This is a rapid absorption serum for hydrating the skin layers and locking in needed moisture, promoting youthful, lusk skin. Especially formulated to complement the Whitelan Peeling system.