Whitelan Cure

Complete system for professional whitening of skin, developed by Dermica Switzerland in three steps:
  • Step1, Peeling Gel. Chemical peeling only for professional use.
  • Step2, Whitening Ampoules. A mixture of different active ingredients for mesotherapy application (DermicaPen, Automeso; Nanocool).
  • Step3, Home Care Cream. Home use Cream/mask.

This treatment illuminates and prevents skin from photo-aging. It treats hematic pigmentation and the melasma. It also reduces seborrhea and operates in the skin aging process with great results.

Clinical studies have shown a 90% effective in the treatment of skin pigmentation, 80% in aging, 75% in seborrheic skin and a 70% in melano-hematic pigmentation. Its application is based on the skin prototypes II to IV.

It is highly satisfactory under the most diverse conditions: melasma, chloasma, lentigeno, skin aging (chronological and hormonal photo-aging), acne, seborrheic dermatitis, folliculitis, purpura, petechiae, ecchymosis, dermatitis, pigmented purpura by venous insufficiency, phlebitis, etc.. Without any complications, it is well tolerated and very safe to use.

Whitelan ® is a new protocol that acts inhibiting the tyrosinase activity. It satisfies all the qualities that are necessary to obtain a bright skin. Its lightening effect is developed with a completely safe profile and it possesses a photoprotective effect in human epidermal keratinocytes, helping to prevent damages caused by the UV radiation.