Hexa Intensif Mircotip Treatment

The Treatment
H.I.M.T. is a beauty treatment that targets signs of ageing and is done to enhance aesthetic treatment in the clinic, medi spa, salon and home care products.

The Process
Each client is given an initial consultation and imperfections may be divided into 22 facial parts and 4 body fat areas for evaluation and discussion. Unlike major aesthetic procedures done by doctors that may require surgery, the treatment is done in a comfortable manner, in the time you take for a cup of tea and immediately resume daily activities. The focus of the H.I.M.T. treats mostly facial areas and occasionally enhancing the body contours without side effects. Only natural ingrdients are used to apply on the skin with technology aids available in the clinic, medi spa or salon.

The Results
Some areas of treatment are instantly visible depending on the client’s age and imperfections, while almost all see visible sustainable results within 5 to 7 days after treatment. The treatment results are stable in 2 weeks and other aesthetic treatment can follow up thereafter.

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